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Who is Running Pink?

Running Pink is a non profit organization with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.  Running Pink was initial set up in 2006, after Deborah was diagnosed with breast cancer, with the express purpose to raise funds, through Deborah’s epic runs, for the National Breast Cancer Foundation so they can continue their research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Running Pink - Running for a Cure (2010 - 2011) aims and objectives are:

1.       To generate events & activities associated with the run that involves community participation.
2.       To raise funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
3.       To promote sponsors involvement with the run through various promotional initiatives and direct marketing opportunities
4.       To help promote the importance of early detection in breast cancer
5.       To build self esteem and hope amongst breast cancer survivors and current patience
6.       To provide access to information for people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer no matter who they are or where they live
7.       To empower, inform, represent and link together people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer
8.       To promote, empowerment and self esteem through health and fitness
9.       To achieve a new world ultra marathon running record for the longest continuious

Who is Deborah De Williams?

Deborah De Williams

40 year old, Deborah is a truly inspirational Australia, she has is a honours graduate from Monash University and operates a small successful taxi company in Launceston, Tasmania. 

On the 15th March 2006 Deborah’s life was changed forever, she ran with the Queens Baton for the 2006 Commonwealth Games and it was the day that she discovered that the small lump in her right breast was a DCIS, breast cancer. Deborah is a breast cancer survivor and by telling her story throughout the run Deborah hopes to inspire, empower, educate, support & inform communities about breast cancer whilst raising funds for much needed breast cancer research & support.
Deborah has always been a keen runner and walker in 2001 she participated in her first ultra marathon and has never looked back. Her running/walking achievements include:

 5 world walk records for her Walk Around Australia 2003/2004 including the outright World Walk Record for the longest continuous walk by anyone on the planet -16,845 kms in 365 days. During the walk Deborah raised over $150,000 for Kids Help Line. 

 Participated in various 6, 12, 24 & 48 hours events through 2001-2006

Placed 1st female & 2nd overall in the 12 hour, Self Transcendence National 12 Hour Championships in October 2005

Placed 1st female in the Gold Coast 48 Hour National Championships in August 2006

Solo handicap winning 2005 Bruny Island 64km ultra marathon

Participated in over 100 various marathons, half marathons and fun runs over the years

Selected as a Commonwealth Queens Baton Relay runner for March 15, 2006

Deborah along with fellow ultra marathon fried Vlastik Skivril run around Tasmania, 1270 kms in 25 days in March - April 2007 for Camp Quailty.  Deborah started this run only 7 weeks after completing breast cancer treatment.  The team raised over $10,000 for Camp Quality.

In October 2008 Deborah set out from Hobart with her dog Maggie on their first attempt to run around Australia.  She ran over 50kms a day with no days off, for 224 days and 10,825 kilometres before, under strict doctor´s supervision she had to end her 1st attempt (the 1st half of Australia) on 6th June 2009 in Darwin.  But not before running over 857 kilometres on fractured feet!  Falling over Maggie while running into Elliot NT, Deborah fractured her navicula bone in both her feet, which required surgery and 7 months off running as part of her recovery process.

Even though the first attempt was disrupted, during the 7 months on the road, Running Pink – Running for a cure (2008 - 2009)
  • visited over, 205 communities
  • held 372 organized events
  • had public participation of over 40,000 people
  • spoke to the media 546 times
  • raised over $100,000 for the NBCF
  • Deborah and Maggie did not achieve the world record (not yet) but the run still had a first: Deborah and Maggie are the 1st female and 1st dog to run from Hobart (the southernmost capital city) to Darwin (the northernmost capital city).

 Who is Maggie?

Maggie is Deborah’s eight-year-old Border collie who just loves to run. Maggie’s role is to keep Deborah company whilst she runs, to attract attention, a job she enjoys and fulfill her managerial role as Director of Greeting (D.O.G.). Maggie also has the important task of telling all about the run through her VIP Petfood website blog so keep coming back to see what Deborah and Maggie are up to during their run around Australia. 

 Who are the crew?

 Karin and Owen have been support crewmembers for many of Deborah’s ultra marathon events, including her successful walk around Australia 2003/2004, the charity run around Tasmania 2007 and the 1st attempt around Australia in 2008/2009. As Karin is Deborah’s mum is more than up to the task of catering to Deborah’s food and energy needs. Owen’s practical skills are always useful as camp coordinator and Mr “fix it” man can always get us back on the road if something goes wrong. (Plus dad is the best fundraising I have even met!) Karin and Owen also organize all community public events, fundraising stations, public talks and coordinating with local councils, women’s groups & service clubs throughout Australia. They also do all the follow up activities such as sending thankyou and recognition letters and merchandise logistics. (They do a huge job!)


Glyn has been there through the thick and thin of Deborah’s achievements and her cancer, his crew experience and understanding of Deborah’s needs, will play a fundamental part in supporting Deborah on a daily basis. Glyn’s background as a fine art lecturer will be fully utilised as the events photographer and video documentary.     



Alistair was a member of the support crew during Deborah’s walk around Australia 2003/2004 and was instrumental in achieving the world walk records. As Alistair operates a successful business, his coordinating skill and previous crew experience are invaluable to the success of Running Pink











Participated in Cliff Young Australia 6-day Colac Ultra Marathon Race 2004, placed 3rd female, achieved Australian walk record for F35 division 6 day evennt, 498kms in 6 days.

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