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Target: $300000

So Far: $214007

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How You Can Help!

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21 Ways you and your community can help Deborah, Maggie and the team of Running Pink achieve their goal of raising $300,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. (Or just fun ways to welcome Deborah & Maggie into your community)

  1. Organize a public morning/afternoon tea for when Deborah and Maggie arrive into your community or hold an morning/afternoon tea party in your office or home and ask them to donate all their lose change.
  2. Paint the town pink. Get your communities business to have pink window displays for a small donation for when Deborah arrives into to town.
  3. Host a pink breakfast when Deborah is in your community so she can run out of your town in style & a full stomach.
  4. Organize a sausage sizzle at the official run arrival station in your community.
  5. Have a relay run with Deborah through your community for a donation community member’s could run or ride their bike with Deborah as she travels through your shire.
  6. Having a Community event – is there an event going on when Deborah & Maggie are in your town? Have a running pink caravan their and Deborah could run to your event. Or donate part or your fundraising efforts from any community event to Deborah & Maggie for when they arrive.
  7. Run with Deborah when she arrives into your community and get your family & friends to sponsors you for every kilometre you achieve. The more you run the more funds will go to the NBCF
  8. Get on your bike - Ride along side Deborah for a $5 donation.
  9. Bring your dog along -for an extra gold coin bring your dog to run with Maggie when she arrives with Deborah into your community.
  10. Have a Running Pink donation tin at your work, business, school or corporate event
  11. Sell Running Pink wristbands at your work, business, school or just to your friends
  12. Have a community garage sale. Bring all your unwanted items to the town park for a huge community garage sale on the day Deborah & Maggie arrive into your community.
  13. Dance Pink - Have a pink dance, ball or gala either before or when Deborah & Maggie arrive into your community.
  14. Wear Pink - Get your work or school to have a pink mufti day or get your community to wear pink on the day Deborah arrives.
  15. Sponsor someone! Sponsors your teachers, mayor, your boss or everyone to do something different for a day like not talk, dye their hair, run with Deborah & Maggie or wear a pink dress (interesting for the males in your community!)
  16. Paved with gold! Organize a chain of gold coins through your local shopping centre, community or school or at an official run arrival station.
  17. Have a community trivia night, either before or for when Deborah & Maggie arrives into your community.
  18. Give a donation when you see Deborah & Maggie on the road or via the official run website
  19. Have a pink golf day: test your techniques on the green and charge for the tickets or donate an amount for each point of the final score.
  20. Organize a fun run – get sponsored or donate the entry fees.
  21. Your own ideas – get your thinking cap on and come up with a fun way to greet Deborah & Maggie are in your community and to help them and the team of Running Pink to reach their goal of raising $300,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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